Friday, 7 August 2015

Android App update version 1.3. It’s here!

[NOTE: This app update is for Android only devices. Stay tuned for the iPhone/iPad 1.5 version release to come!]


We are very excited to announce our big app update! Android Version 1.3 is here and ready for you to download. 

This update is free for all of those who already have the app downloaded on your Android device.

After many months of work, our team has tested the FODMAP content of over 150 new and exotic foods and these are included in this current app update!

There have also been a few technological changes, which we believe will enhance usability of the app. It will now be easier for the Monash FODMAP team to update the app as new foods are tested. This means you have the most up-to-date information about the FODMAP content of food too! But, to receive these app updates, it is VERY important that you have Wi-Fi or 3G access when downloading the app for the first time. See our FAQ section for explanations & some helpful tips if you are experiencing any problems!

We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the app, so thank you to those who have emailed through suggestions, general feedback and bug reports to:

So…. Tell me more?

Guide section 

1) As you flick through, you will see that many more foods have been added to the food guide section! We have sourced and tested foods from Australia, UK, USA, Denmark, Norway and many more countries.

This should increase variety on a low FODMAP diet and help you in the re-challenge phase as you find your FODMAP threshold/sensitivity.

2) You may notice flags in the food guide section. These denote which country the tested food samples were sourced from. Foods without flags provide general recommendations that should be applicable in most countries.

Also, our app developers are currently working on creating a country filter which will be released in a future update of the app!

Finally, thanks again for downloading the Monash University low FODMAP Diet App & for all your support! Revenue generated from app downloads directly funds our IBS research program and enables us to continue testing the FODMAP content of new foods. This in turn will help IBS sufferers like you to better manage gut symptoms.

Tip: If you come across a food that is not listed in our guide section, we recommend you:
  • Consult the ingredients list to look for high FODMAP ingredients and/or
  • Trial including the food in a small quantity over 2-3 consecutive days whilst monitoring symptoms.
Remember, your diet only needs to be as strict as your symptoms demand. A dietitian can also provide guidance about following the low FODMAP diet and re-challenging with higher FODMAP foods to determine your individual level of tolerance.


  1. Love that a new update is ready, but when is it ready for iPhone? :-)

    1. Hi Katie,
      The iPhone update will be out in the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience. Kindly Phip

  2. This is great! Thank you for the continued research and updates. Very excited for the iPhone / iPad version to be released - any indications in terms of how long it might be before it's ready for release as well?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The iPhone update will be out in the next few weeks. Kindly Phip

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  4. Hi! Love your app it's so helpful!! Any update as to when the iPhone update will occur? Thank you!!

  5. When will this app be available for Andoid tablets?

  6. I have a samsung tab, what monash app do
    I download and how?